ACID / ALK Gases Control System  
Applications: Semiconductor,Electronics Industry, Steel Industry, Milling Industry,
                        Chemical process, Paper making Industry, Fertilizer food, processing….
I.  Cross Flow Scrubber
Features and Benefits:
1. Good for the site which has sufficient space and require large volume of gases.
2. Capable to remove contaminants in soluble gases, liquid particulates and solid particulates.
3. Low pressure drop, easy for general maintenance.
4. Can be designed in either single stage or in multi stages for complicated contaminants.
5. The average removal efficiency is up to 99%.

II. Counter Current Packed Scrubber
Features and Benefits:
1. It is designed for the site which has limited space for installation.
2. Good for small and medium vloume of gases.
3. Removal efficiency up to 99% 7 micron for mist . The most common packed tower.

III. Material: PP, FRP, Stainless steel available
IV. Installations: More than 1000 units, the following photos are typical cases for the past few years:

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Jiangsu Prov.
Jiangsu Prov.
Shanghai City