Organic (VOC) Gas Absorber  

For organic gas applications, the most economical device is active carbon absorber. Organic gas is induced by ID fan through ducting system to active carbon absorber. Organic is absorbed into the active carbon's countless loopholes and discharge clean air to atmosphere.

Consumption of active carbon depends on contaminate concentration. Consult us for equipment selection.

1. Type: Horizontal
2. Air volume: 10CMM~1000CMM
3. Pressure drop: < = 70mmAq
4. Material: SS400, Galvanized steel, SUS304, SUS316, FRP
5. Max. operating vacuum pressure: -200mmAq
6. Max. operating pressure: +250mmAq
7. Max. operating temperature: 122°F (50° C)
8. Method of active carbon Filling: Pouring or Box
9. Accessories: Front filter, different pressure gauge, drain.

A. ID Fan
1. Fan Airstream: SS400, SUS304, or FRP
2. Motor
B. Control Panel
1. Type: Outdoor application, weather proof.
2. Material: SS400 or SUS304
3. Operating panel: ON/OFF, Display & Alarm.