Sieve Tray Scrubber  
Application: Solar industry, Papermaking industry, Ffertilizer factory…and so on.  
Kunstoff Seive tray STD system consists of a scrubber body,  sieve tray board, spray piping, demister, recycle pump, sump, and dosing.

The sieve tray board was supported in the bottom of scrubber and fixed firmly to prevent movement by an anabatic pressrue. Spary liquid was distributed evenly to sieve tray board and flow down along its surface. During operation, process gases were led to the system from the bottom of the scrubber. The liquid sprays from a different direction.  Stream and liquid form a reaction zone in the sieve tray board.

Dimester was designed to capture spray liquid as much as possible. However, the spray liquid will be reduced a bit during recycling. The sump level control was designed to make up water when necessary.

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