Counter Current Packed Scrubber  
The unit's capabilities to remove the following contaminants:
1. Soluble gases (Acid, Alkaline e.t.c)
2. Liquid Particulates
3. Solids Particulates
4. Odor

Equipment Description:

KMC provides PVC, PP or FRP in equipment construction for corrosion resistance. The FRP is composed of about 30% by weight of glass and other fibers and about 70% by weight of corrosion resistant Polyester or Vinylester resin. The PP (also available in PVC, PE, PVDF) made packing offers effective surface area which is created by countless interstitial holdup points where droplets are formed and reformed constantly, exposing fresh liquid to the gas stream.

The demisters maximum efficiency ceach to 99%. The construction features including recycle sump, manhole and access door and inspection ladder to ease the necessary maintenance.

Design Considerations:

I.  Stanrdard Shell
1. Maximum vacuum: -150mmAq
2. Maximum pressure: +250mmAq
3. The shell contruction must be designed for full pedestal support. The top is designed to support one man.
4. Access manholes, nozzles and internal supports attached to the shell are designed to withstand all expected stresses and corrosion resistance.

II. Inlet and Outlet
The inlet and outlet designs should help eliminate channeling which occurs when the air stream and liquid flow go separate paths through the packing bed and do not intermix. Inappropriate design of scrubber inlet and outlet will greatly reduce scrubbing efficiency. To prevent channeling, the scrubber inlet should give even air distribution across the entire packing area.

III. Sump
The bottom of scrubber connects with an integral sump. The use of an integral sump gives a completely unitized, corrosion resistant scrubber at minimum cost.

IV. Liquid Distribution System
The scrubbing liquid is usually recirculated. To obtain the best possible liquid distribution. Spray header assemblies with low pressure. Large orifice spary nozzles are used, will achieve designed scrubber efficiency.

Table of Dimensions Scrubber Selection