Cartridges Dust Collector  
Equipment Description:
I. KMC cartridges dust collection systems maintain a high filtration area and creat high efficiency of dust collection.
II. High efficiency of the Filtering media creates larger air volume with a smaller filtering surface.This allow us to manufacture smaller collectors.
III. Modular design provides easy product selection and installation.
IV. Compressed air pulses cleaning provides high cleaning efficiency and extend service life for filtering media.
V. Cartridges dust collector system operates with low pressure drops thus safe operating cost.
VI. Easy to replace cartridges.
VII. Available for various material of filtering media for different dust characters with adhesion, fiber, chemical, electrified and high temperature applications.


Features and Benefits:
I. Timer program for periodical pulses cleaning to ensure the collector can operate continuously.
II. Non-stop operating when pulses cleaning
III. Special design for downstream collector to save operation cost
IV. There are two outlet cleaning air exahust ports on top and bottom based on installation requirement
V. When pulses cleaning,the combined airflow creats a downward moving pressure wave without pressure loses and extend service life of filtering media
VI. The pressure guage indicating the necessary replacment schedule for filtering media
VII. The cartridge is in front of the collector that simplifies the manipulation and eliminates installation errors.
VIII. Easy control by ONE TOUCH to start pulses cleaning
IX. Available to interlock connection with other machinery

Standard Characteristics
1. Body
2. Cartridges filtering media
3. Diaphragm valve and solenoid valve
4. Pressure gauge
5. Programmable controller
6. Manual valve for dust release
7. Dust collection tank
Optional Accessories:
1. Hopper level indicator
2. Automatic valve for dust release
3. Different pressure transmitter
4. Maintenance platform
5. Spinning downstream control valve
6. Silencer